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👋 Welcome from CIFL


You've probably landed here from a link to the old CIFL blog. Welcome!

You're arrived at Cacheworthy (CIFL's predecessor), which is focused on advancing the practice of building data applications. It picks up where CIFL left off in the data + analytics space, but applies those practices to user-facing tools rather than internal analytics reporting.

The page you were looking for has been put out to pasture, but we've migrated over the top 10 most popular data + analytics posts from CIFL to Cacheworthy:

  1. WTF Is dbt?
  2. Modeling Customer Retention and Churn in SQL
  3. Ecommerce Analysis Bigquery
  4. Forecasting a Website's Organic Traffic
  5. Getting Started with Looker (nÊe Google) Data Studio
  6. Connecting Google Sheets and BigQuery
  7. Just Enough Google Sheets Formulas
  8. Just Enough BigQuery SQL
  9. VLOOKUP Like the Pros
  10. The Google Sheets Query Function

If you were looking for a specific tutorial or template from CIFL that you're not able to recover, please drop me a note.

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