Meet Cacheworthy

Make analytics count.

The best analytics datasets are cacheworthy: they're of high enough quality to be embedded directly within your application.

The best analytics datasets are also cashworthy: they're of high enough need that users would be willing to pay for access.

Cacheworthy exists to advance the practice of delivering data experiences that users are willing to pay for.

Whether you're embedding analytics within a customer-facing SaaS product or internal operational tool, this is a standard you can work towards: would the users of this dataset be willing to pay for it?

Why does Cacheworthy exist?

Embedded data experiences are the high seas of data engineering: underexplored, unforgiving, but offering great potential.

Each team building an embedded data experience improvises to solve their own problems, using tools + skills borrowed from other fields of software or data engineering.

We believe that they are their own field, worthy of specialization and a community of practice.

Tooling is better and more specialized than ever for delivering compelling data experiences.

Can we, as professionals and organizations, take advantage of these tools to deliver data experiences that users are willing to pay for?

Cacheworthy exists to answer that question.

A note from the founder

👋 Hi there! David Krevitt here, the creator of Cacheworthy.

You might know me from my days creating the data consultancy + YouTube training hub known as "CIFL" (the predecessor to Cacheworthy), or from my stint leading user acquisition at dbt Labs.

But if we're meeting for the first time, great to see you here!

Over the years, myself and colleagues have built dozens of internal data tools for businesses of all flavors - but it always felt like we were leaving meat on the bone.

As helpful as those internal data tools were, they ultimately had a capped impact, because they never drove attributable revenue. They functioned a cost center, rather than a key business driver.

Cacheworthy is born out of a deep desire to flip that narrative, and help data practitioners + software engineers build data experiences that directly hit the bottom line.

If that's up your alley, there's a few ways to get involved...

Contribute to Cacheworthy

We're actively seeking guest contributors to the Cacheworthy blog, meetup hosts, and course instructors. For contributions, get in touch here!.

Work with Cacheworthy

We're developing a slate of training + service offerings to help your organization build + market wonderful embedded data experiences.

If your team is setting out on a journey to build or refactor your application's embedded data experience, or is going to market with a vertical-specific data application, get in touch here.

Partner with Cacheworthy

We build vertical-specific data applications for our own portfolio (see the Traffic Projection Tool as an example).

If you're seeking a development partner for a new vertical-specific data app, or are seeking to sell an existing data application (between $4-100k MRR), get in touch here.